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About Us

About Us


Mission Statement:

To develop and provide the most innovative and market-preferred under eye anti-glare product, supplying athletes and fans with the finest blend of proprietary ingredients that will create the most unique user experience. 

About the Anti-Glare Product:

Created to be the best product in its category, WARRIORBLACK added a light cooling agent, a Menthol derivative, to enhance the feel of the application and wear of the product  The easy-glide properties coupled with the long-lasting formulation provide a great look for the duration of use.  Also added are moisturizers (Aloe & Vitamin E) and Caffeine (antioxidant), as well as carefully blended to ensure the colorant does not separate from the formula to give a uniform and deep coverage.

About the Warriorblack Wipes:

WARRIORBLACK will also launch specially formulated oil-free wipes to aid in the taking off of the product, as due to its properties it is recommended to use this aid for ease of removal.  Specially formulated to be Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free, and with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  

WARRIORBLACK recommends using a leading brand of remover / cleansing cloths in the interim until the wipes are in stock.

About the Warriorblack Apparel:

If you like the look, WARRIORBLACK is offering pre-order apparel exclusively through the eCommerce site, starting with Black & Grey Baseball Hats (adjustable Velcro) and T-Shirts available in specific colors and sizes.  Ships within 2-3 weeks of order.  Additional items coming soon.


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